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Golf for the Physically Challenged
Golf for the Physically Challenged helps the physically challenged members of the community progress toward a more active life, both physically and mentally.
We, in Challenge Golf, offer broad opportunities for fellowship, by providing, at specified times, in an accessible locale; equipment (either standard or specially designed); advice; and encouragement by volunteers which will enable the participants to learn and play the game of golf to the limit of their abilities.
Challenge Golf has the honour of being the only such group in the Greater Toronto Area and so is a unique and valuable service.
In speaking with my father's occupational therapist and physiotherapists at Toronto Rehab about Challenge Golf, they thought the organization was an amazing opportunity for real-life occupational therapy.
- Jessica -
Participants in Challenge Golf are those local community members who have suffered a stroke or other physically debilitating injury and so have varied and particular needs that we must address. No previous golf experience or any fee is required.
Most of our participants come from Oakville but we have some from across the whole GTA. Challenge Golf is open to anyone, from any community, who fits the physically challenged criteria and is able to look after their basic needs alone or with minimal assistance from volunteers.
Participants are responsible for getting to the site but once there volunteers, with the use of our golf cart, help those who need assistance to move from the car park to our reserved tees.
We encourage visitors. If you would like to visit us for a session and get an idea of our situation and program, feel free to drop by.
I have not only seen a difference in my husband but also in others who attend this program. The program helps men and women to overcome their everyday struggles. It helps boost their self-esteem, confidence, physical and mental health and builds on their social skills.
- Karen -
The following space has pictures of our members at events. Do you have pictures of our events? Please tell us about them.

Pictures from the Golf Day, 2022

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Mark's Stabilizer in action

The video accompanies Jeff Mahoney's online article in the Hamilton Spectator 2018 August 03.
An important part of our program is the assistance that volunteers provide to the participants. The roles and responsibilities of the volunteers focus on providing participants with a friendly and safe environment. Chatting with the participants and helping them with the equipment are key components of building this pleasant atmosphere.
Specific tasks include setting up and maintaining the Challenge Golf section of Tee Zone for the participants, setting up the semi-automated tees, keeping these tees full of golf balls; distributing golf clubs; and getting water for the participants. In addition, volunteers also give rides from the parking lot to our reserved tees to all those participants who want assistance.
If you are interested in helping out, give us a call or drop by and talk with us at the Tee Zone Driving Range during our Monday session.
A big thank you to all the volunteers for making the golf day possible, and to the resort [Hidden Lake GC], as well!
- Eleanor -
Tee Zone Driving Range is our host for the golf season. Challenge Golf meets there on Mondays from 1:00 to 2:30 pm during the season, which runs from May to October. Tee Zone is located at 4105 Regional Road 25, Oakville.
The contented look on my husband’s face after his first Challenge Golf session was priceless! He loves golf and the weekly sessions have given him a place to be physically active and rebuild his skills, as well as his confidence in a wonderful social setting. Being able to go to the driving range with this group of dedicated volunteers means so much; a sense of “normalcy” after suffering a stroke during COVID which left us scrambling for rehab programs. A big thank you to those who make this program work miracles.
- Susan -
First Golf Day in 2023 will be August 21st
This will be at Granite Ridge Golf Club in Milton
BBQ and Annual Meeting
Tee Zone Driving Range
We will hold our BBQ and Annual Meeting on August 28th.
Second Golf Day in 2023 will be September 25th
This will also be at Granite Ridge Golf Club in Milton
Golf for the Physically Challenged is a registered charity and appreciates donations.
Tax receipts are available.
Our registration number is 88986-6570-RR0001.
We have many individual as well as corporate donors who give donations and receive tax receipts.
Donations may be sent to the Challenge Golf contact address or dropped off at Tee Zone, Oakville.
Our benefactors include
To find out more about Challenge Golf
and/or how you can help, call
Danny at 905-842-0901
You may e-mail us at
the following address
You may also send letters to our office
1165 Rushbrooke Drive Oakville, ON L6M 1H8